Wired Rite Systems, Inc.

Wired Rite Systems, Inc.

  Wired Rite Systems is an innovative supplier of specialty vehicle electrical systems. We are leaders in the development of new products designed and manufactured in response to specific customer needs. Click Flex-Panel® for details about this innovative new product.

  Protect your valuable after market devices with our new Flex-Protect® Power Distribution Module. You use a surge protector for your 110V devices, shouldn't your vehicle devices receive the same protection? Utilizing our Flex-Panel® Technology, the Flex-Protect® module supresses surges, protects against over voltage and over current conditions, monitors battery life, and will shed loads as the battery declines. Automatically shuts off all loads two hours after the ignition is turned off. Directly wired to the vehicle battery this is professional protection and power distribution rated to 50 amps continuous load. Utilizing solid state controls, the module is shipped fully programmed. All components manufactured and assembled in our California Facility. Case and face plate are powder coated steel.

  Wired Rite Systems is headquartered in Windsor, California, about 70 miles north of San Francisco. The company provides specialty vehicle electrical systems throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

  Our company's commitment to customer partnership and support is based on the belief that our success can only be achieved by listening to and meeting customer needs.

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